Sunday, September 28, 2008


I figured I would post some pictures of our house all out together since I have had a lot of people say they want to see it.It is not completely done it does need paint. I am kinda tired of the white walls but Matt & I suck at painting so if you are good at it come on over.

This is our bedroom. It is just plain that is about half of it. It is huge and I have not idea how to decorate so if you have any ideas let me know

This is the view out our bedroom window.

This is the office maybe when we get a desk it will look more like a office.

Living Room


Life in the fast lane

Hi everyone, Sorry I have not updated in a while I feel like I never have time to do anything. I feel like life is just wasted working and by the time I get home it is time for bed and time for work again. so here is a update. On September 13 we had our 5 year anniversary. I can not believe that we have been married that long. We went to La Dolce Vita for dinner it is my favorite Italian place & also where Matt asked me to marry him. Matt gave me a digital picture frame & I gave him a clock.

Last weekend we went to the reptile fair. It was awesome we bought a turtle. He is really cute. his name is Michelangelo. We also got our picture taken with a 65 pound Boa wrapped around us.

Last night we went to Adam & Chelsey's wedding reception. Adam is one of Matt's best friends. They just had a BBQ at a park it was fun to hang out with friends. After words we went and hung out at Chris & Jane's house it is nice to have friends so close. We just love their kids they are so much fun. Today was just a lazy day. We did not do much just hung out around the house. we finally bought a propane tank for our BBQ so we cooked burgers for Ty, Stacie & the kids.

So that is about it nothing really interesting here. Here are some pictures Enjoy...


Cameron Playing with my Purse. isn't he cute.

Max, Chris, Adam, Robert & Matt

Adam & Matt

This is the clock I gave Matt It says Royer's Est 2003.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Usbourne Book Pary

Hi Everyone I am having a Usbourne book party. If you are interested in ordering anything you can go to and just make sure to click on my name.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Hi everyone,
Amanda tagged me so
Here are the rules:
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3. Write six random things about yourself.
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so here it goes...i hope i can think of 6 random things!

1- I am addicted to chapstick. I love it I can not go an hour with out it. It drive Matt crazy because he hates it. If I see someone else putting it on I will put it on. I only use one kind that I can only find at one store in Salt lake so I have to buy ten at a time because I use them so fast. For Christmas Matt puts them in my stocking.

2-I love Palm trees I wish that we could have them in our yard. I would have then surrounding the whole yard. My dishes even have palm trees on them.

3-I love movies. I could sit home all day and watch movies or sit at the theater and watch movie after movie. We own more than 300 movies. I look forward to every Tuesday to go see what new movies came out to buy. I rarely find a movies I do not like. In high school my friends and I used to have scary movie night every week.

4-I have a dog that was born in China. His name is Baixio it means white ball of fur in Chinese. He is a Pur white Pekenise. He lives at my parents because I could not take him with me when I moved out. But I stop all the time just to see him. He loves cheese. My parents by the packets of individual kraft cheese just for him.

5-I love, Love shoes. I wish I had a million dollars just to buy shoes. I have a few pairs, but before we moved into our house I had a ton of shoes. Matt made me go through them and I through 52 pairs away. Not a lie I was really sad. Matt said I could buy some new ones but not that many. I love flip flops and High heels so I have a ton of both.

6-I play the flute & piano. I took piano lessons for seven years when I was younger. I am not very good at it now because I stopped practicing. I am pretty good at the flute. I just found it again since we moved. I am excited to start playing again. When me and Matt were dating I was showing off dancing around with my flute and I broke the glass light fixture in my room. Matt still likes to laugh at me for that.

Ok I did it six random facts about me it was actually harder than I thought it would be. so I am tagging, Jenny, Stephanie, Jane, Stacie, Heather & Emily