Sunday, June 28, 2009


So I finally did it I updated our blog. I am so bad at keeping it updated because I work on a computer for 8 hrs a day so the last thing I want to do when I get home it get back on the computer. So here are a few thing we did in June. Can you believe July is in three days. Christmas is in less than six months. I added so many new posts you will have to go back a page to see them all. Let me know what you think.


So my sad news is Matt & I came home last sunday night to find out someone's dog had killed Walnut. It is really sad he was a great cat. He had his own personality and really was like one of our family. Luckily we took a ton of pictures of him so he will always be remembered. The very last picture we ever took was two days before and it happened to be me kissing him on the head. Also that night after we went up to our room I found that he had left me paw prints on the bath tub. He always did that because he loved water so much. They are still there I have not had the heart to clean them off knowing that he will never do that again. I miss him so much. Taking care of him was part of our daily routine so it's like there is something missing from our lives. The thing that has helped me feel better about it is knowing that we will even see our animals again someday.
Chris sent Matt this really good quote for me
"On the bridge between here and forever, our animal friends will be waiting for us.”

So here a a few pictures of my Walnut.

Oquirrh Temple

Matt & I went to the open house of the Uquirrh Mountain Temple. It is beautiful. If you have a chance I would go check it out.

Herriman Days

We went to Herriman Days last night. We go every year. We always have a lot of fun and they have the best firework show at the end of the night. I took the kids on rides and fed them lots of junk food. But that is what aunts are for right? Mollie loved all the food. She ate almost half a bag of cotton candy by her self, then ate two otter pops and a cheese sandwich. I am surprised she did not have a belly ache.Here are some fun pictures.


So Trixie & Jerry Finally moved back from Texas. I am so excited they are home because I have the best in-laws in the world. We missed them while they where gone. Their friend came into town so we had a BBQ at our house so the kids could all meet her. It was a lot of fun Thanks for coming over everyone. And of course I took pictures but they are mainly the Nieces & Nephews.

Family Reunion

We had Matt's family reunion last Saturday. It was great to see everyone that we do not see often. We had a lot of fun.

Girls Camp

So I am the Camp Director in young women's. Girls camp was so much fun. We have wonderful young women, and obviously a really cool camp director so how could it not be fun!!! It rained all week luckily we had a huge car port to stay dry under. There was no drama or fighting. it was a great week. here are a few pictures. Enjoy. Leaders
All of the Girls
Junie & Chelsea
2nd Years
3rd Years
Ashley, Brooklyn, Maria & Nicole
1st Years
Mackenzie & Melinda

Movie Night

We watched Jonathan, Brenna & Ben so that Jerry & Lindsay could go out for a date. We decided to have a movie night with them. We took them to the store and picked out treats. We bought those mini bags of popcorn so the kids could have their own, Jonathan ended up eating 3 bags. He loves popcorn. We watched cars. The kids where so good. It was a fun night.

Brenna's Birthday

Brenna Turned "5" I can not belevie she is already five. She had a slip N slide party. Here are a few pictures.