Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just hanging out.

Saturday we hung out with Shawn, Kim and the kids. We always have a lot of fun hanging out with them. And I think I have some of the cutest Nieces & Nephews ever!!!

Jacob he is so cute!!

I painted Mollie & Aubrey's Toes.
Mollies Toes

Aubrey's Toes

Mollie, Aubrey & Alyssa's toes

Mollie was so excited to show Shawn her toes it was cute!

I had to post this video of Mollie singing her ABC's It is so cute!


Sorry I am a slacker, I have been really bad at blogging so I figured catch every one up April for now.

on April 5th My Nephew Jonathan turned 8'
He had a friend party where we went and played laser tag. ( yes I said we matt & I are big kids)

Then on his birthday we took Jonathan, Brenna, Zach & Aubrey to see

Then the next Saturday he was Baptized by his dad.

It was such a special day for him.

This is the race car cake I made, but it melted in the car & it was my first time making something like this so it is not perfect.

Jonathan & Zachary

These are just some crazy weather photos I took while sitting on the porch. I think they are really cool.

Janice, Tawnya & Natalie on our way to Women's conference

And I just had to add a photo of Jacob cause he is so dang cute!!