Friday, October 31, 2008

Tagged Things of Eight

Stephanie Tagged me so here goes,

T.V. Shows I like to watch
1. Desperate Housewives
2. Greys Anatomy
3. Ugly Betty
5. King Of Queens
6. Privileged
7. Simpson's
8. Family Guy

Eight things that happened yesterday
1. Went to a corn Maze with my Nieces & Nephews
2. Went to work
3. Bought Glow sticks
4. Went to Village inn
5. Started The Dishwasher
6. Bought Halloween Candy
7. Went to Walmart
8. Watched TV

Favorite Places to Eat
1.Olive Garden
2. Rodizio Grill
3. Training Table
4. La Dolce Vita
5. Cafe Rio
6. The Pie
7. Past Factory
8. Blimpi

Eight Things I'm Looking Forward to
1. Trixie & Jerry Moving home
2. Having Children One Day
3. Halloween My Favorite Holiday
4. The Weekend
5. Putting in our yard
6. Having Christmas with Matt in OUR house
7. Snow
8. Passing out Halloween Candy

Eight things on my wish list
1. A New Car
2. Go on a cruise
3. A Fence
4. Ten more hours in a day
5. Jet Ski
6. Traveling the World
7. Trampoline

Eight People I tag (if you want)

1. Jane
2. Jenny
3. Amber
4. Amanda
5. Mikael
6. Liesel
7. Melanie

Monday, October 20, 2008


I finally convinced Matt that we needed a kitty. I was looking at my friends blog the other day and they had it posted that they had kittens they where getting rid of, so I send Matt an email telling him I really wanted a cat and I would respect his answer even if he really did not want one. So he emailed me back and said we could look at them. They live in the neighborhood next to ours so we went that night and looked at them and he let me bring one home. The little girl had named him Walnut so I kept it. But Matt keeps forgetting his name and calling him Oscar and I keep calling him Puppy. He is so cute.