Thursday, January 8, 2009


Last Friday we had the family come back over to watch the sugar bowl. if you have not already heard Utah won. The girls just played games. It was nice to have that last night with Trixie and Jerry before they went home.

Happy New Year

New Years was a lot of fun, we had the family and our friends Mat & Ashley come over. The kids had a seperate party upstairs. The kids were so excited the first thing Aubrey said to me was "I am excited because we are having a kid party". I blew up balloons and had treats for the kids. The adults stayed down stairs and had lots of food, & played games. It was nice to have Mat & Ashley come we had not seen them in four years so thanks for coming guys. We had sparklers for the kids. As the night grew closer to midnight we got out the sparkling cider & 2009 glasses. Happy 2009 I can not belive it is already here.