Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nieces & Nephews

I have the greatest Nieces & Nephews. I love spending time with them. They are so funny and we always have a great time together. Since not having a job I have had lots of time to hang out with them. We have had sleepovers, gone to the park, had a movie party, went to Mcdonalds and went swimming. Almost all of the photos I take are of them, they are so cute. I realized that I also have more pictures of the girls than the boys. I think being an Aunt is one of the greatest jobs ever, I get to spoil them and when they get tired and cranky they go home!!! Enjoy

They love to make videos on my phone.

Brenna & Jonathan

My Nephew Aaron & his girlfriend Sal.


Mollie (she has the cutest face but if you turn your head for one second she is getting into something.) This is her eating an appetizer of sugar packets, after she had an entree of butter!!! yum

Aubrey & Emma

I told Mollie it was time for bed so this is where she put her pillow and blanket.

Aubrey loves to climb on top of the slide. This is her 7th Birthday so I let her get away with it!!!


I could not find Mollie anywhere in the house, I did not know I should look under my bed. She told me she was just playing with the cat.

Aubrey & Brenna

Aubrey said this photo is embarrassing cause she is wearing my nightgown from when I was a little girl.

Sierha, Khylee & Matt

Jacob ( wearing a coconut bra)

Alexa & Me


Amanda said...

I love all your pictures :) cant wait to see you guys at the reunion!