Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life is great.

Sorry I have not updated in a while. I could not find the charger for our camera after we moved so I could not post any pictures. Now that I found it, I cannot find the cord to upload pictures. So you are just getting a story. We have lived in our house for one month. It is great! I actually feel for the first time since I have been married (five years in two more weeks) that I am a wife. I love to cook for Matt, I think he likes it too. I for some reason love to clean my house. I am constantly cleaning. I love to have people over too. We have not really been able to do that living in someones basement. So any time you want to visit our door is open. The one thing i do not like is the 36 mile drive to and from work. I get a lot better gas mileage just driving the freeway everyday but traffic sucks. Matt likes it because his drive is much easier. But you do what you can to have a house. We have not really done anything we are just enjoying our house. Last Friday night we had Zach & Aubrey sleep over. It was a lot of fun, Zach was so excited to come to our house to play video games. We are looking forward to next weekend Jonathan & Brenna are sleeping over while Lindsay has the baby. I am a little baby hungry so if you need to get rid of your kids for a little while just call me. I would love it. But do not worry I will not eat them, just spoil them and feed them a lot of junk food and send them home!!!!!!!!!!!!